My Newest Ship

Though I’ve always watched When Calls the Heart because of my interest in the Elizabeth and Jack relationship, I am now intrigued by the Lee and Rosemary dynamic. They are really unlike any couple I’ve seen on TV. They don’t rally have too much drama. Since they aren’t the show’s biggest couple (and really not even the second biggest. I would give that to whoever Abigail and whomever she is courting.)  they seem to be able to avoid the constant break ups that are meant to leave audiences wanting more.

Sure, at first I really disliked Rosemary; she is rather annoying. When Lee first came on the show I really had no opinion of him. He is, when it comes down to it, pretty boring and one dimensional. I think this is one of the things that makes them great as a pair. Now that they are together I get to enjoy them each more as individuals. They serve more of a purpose as characters and now make me more excited to see them on the screen versus thinking “oh great Rosemary again.”

What I enjoy most about them is that they are really the most normal and realistic couple. Rosemary is crazy sometimes and has big dreams and big schemes that can drive Lee nuts but he smiles and gives her this look of affection and runs with it. They really are adorable.

I hope they get married soon. Their wedding is sure to be ridiculous. I’m guessing Rosemary will insist on having live geese or acrobats.


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