Best Coats on TV

Elizabeth Thatcher of When Calls the Heart may be a teacher in a coal mining Canadian town in 1910 but she has an excellent coat collection that all should envy. For instance, look at these coats and tell me you wouldn’t stop if you saw them on the rack.


This one is the fanciest and she can really pull it off in Hamilton. The fur isn’t my thing but Elizabeth wears it well.

Coat 2

She has come a long way from season one, which was full of gross old lady shawl like this one.


Hats off to the costume designer who makes me envious of someone who probably can’t as easily go and buy a coat as I can and is yet still WAY more fashionable than I’ll ever be.

Elizabeth’s coat game (see below) is the thing that stuck out to me the most when watching the show come back for season 3. Sure I’m in it for the Elizabeth and Jack romance (mine mysteries aren’t keeping me around) but the coats will do as a close second.

Lastly, I had to throw in this dress from season 2. This may be about Elizabeth’s coats but it should be acknowledged her style goes far beyond that.



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