One Couple I Will Not Ship: Meredith and Alex

After last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy there is lots of buzz on the internet about the possibility of a Meredith and Alex pairing. I am NOT on board. Meredith being asked in therapy if she is in love with Alex and then watching him kiss Jo could be foreshadowing, but I really hope it’s a red herring.

This show has produced some of my favorite TV couples: Cristina and Owen, Izzie and Alex, Der and Mer, Lexie and Mark, hell despite my dislike for them, Callie and Arizona even had their moments. I am usually all for another coupling, especially on this show, but some things just need to be left alone. (I mean I’m even a little okay with the Spencer/Caleb hook up on Pretty Little Liars.)

Meredith and Alex are great friends. I enjoy watching their friendship. They’ve been there for each other through everything (death, divorce, Cristina leaving, and my fav friendship moment, when Meredith comforts him when he and Izzie are planning to freeze her eggs. “This isn’t how Izzie and I were supposed to make a baby.” We’ve already seen how terrible George and Izzie were, why do it again? (Not to mention Jess and Nick on New Girl, great in concept, terrible in reality).

Can’t a man and a woman just be friends on TV anymore? Joey and Phoebe did it on Friends, Ron and Leslie on Parks and Rec, Haley and Lucas on One Tree Hill. Every once in awhile I just want TV to show us great friendships that aren’t complicated by romance. People in real life do it every day. Shonda, please don’t, for the fans and for Alex and Mer.


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